Staff Information page 2

KatieKathryn Freeman EYECO*
"Katie's a nice lady. She put a cloth on me when I fell and hurt my knee. She's got the same hair as Greg. It's orange." By Rebbecca

Norine Meechan EYECO
 "She's got red boots and brown legs. She reads us stories at grouptime.... about monsters."  By Rhys



Angela M

Marlene Tinney EYECO
"I like Marlene when she lets me paint stuff. She's not got long hair. She's got nice black hair." By Nadia.

Angela McGill EYECO
"I love Angela.She's nice to me and paints with me. I like pink on her t-shirt." By Courtney

* Early Years Educator and Childcare Officer (new title for nursery nurses)

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