Enrolling Your Child

Admissions Policy

All children are allocated a nursery place in line with Inverclyde Council’s Early Years Admissions Policy. The normal pattern of attendance is 5 morning sessions or 5 afternoon sessions with two and a half day patterns being introduced:

Pattern 1 - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Morning

Pattern 2 - Wednesday Afternoon, Thursday, Friday

For more information please speak to a member of staff.

Enrolment Procedures  

When your child has been allocated a place, you will be contacted and asked to visit during enrolment week. At this meeting we will complete enrolment forms in order to update information. Every effort is made to give you your preferred choice of session/pattern of attendance. 

Getting to know the nursery  

You and your child will be given another date to come and spend time in the nursery. This gives us time to get to know your child and for your child to become familiar with the nursery and their key worker. If you are a working parent we will be happy for the child’s carer to accompany him/her on this visit. At this time we will ask you to fill out a booklet about your child including information on their likes and dislikes and important people and events in his/her life.

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