Action Areas.

FIEco-Schools Action Areas

How did we decide on which areas to work on this year?

Angela and Nicole had discussions with various groups of children, showed them the pictorial audit form, and asked which areas they would like to work on. The children were already recycling paper and discussing recycling activities at home. They decided that they would like to move forward with this, therefore, Waste Minimisation was chosen as a target area.

Action on LitterThe children asked Angela if they could have more plants. We had recently grown strawberries, tomatoes and planted outdoor plants for our Silver Flag. It was a natural progression to further develop the School Grounds key area.

Litter is a given target area and continues to be a priority for our children. The children are continuing to enjoy the  'Lazy Daisy Village' CD which reinforces the importance of picking up litter and is used as a key resource in the learning and teaching process.


How are we getting on?


We have completed all but one of our targets. We are in the process of making our litter policy and aim to have a working poliy by Oct 2010. 

Waste Minimisation

We have completed most of these targets. We have spoken to our nursery janitor and asked her to order toilet paper and hand towels made from recycled materials and she is taking action on this. We have also arranged a visit from the Council Waste Strategy Officer for November 2009.

School Grounds

Targets for this area are almost complete. We still have a few areas to complete such as planting more wild seeds, and planting nettles.

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