Aims of the Nursery

Your child’s needs are at the heart of every decision we make.

Key performance outcomes
We will continue to provide support and encouragement to enable our children to become successful, confident learners who can contribute to the life of the nursery and wider community.

Impact on learners, parents, carers and families
We aim to ensure that all children, parents and carers feel valued, supported and informed. We will seek and act on the views and opinions of children, parents and carers.

Impact on staff
We will build on our continuous professional development to ensure we are offering high quality experiences for the children.

Impact on the community
We will further develop our work with relevant organisations in the wider community to support our children and families.

Provision of early education
We aim to meet the development needs of all our children by providing challenge, enjoyment and choice. We promote equality of opportunity and treat all children, parents, carers and staff with respect.

Policy, development and planning
We will further develop and update our comprehensive range of policies and procedures which reflect current legislation requirements.

Management and support of staff
We aim to deploy staff effectively making use of individual strengths.


We will continue to provide a safe, stimulating and well resourced environment where children have well appointed areas in which to engage in learning through play.

We will maintain high levels of quality and promote continuous improvement by regularly monitoring and evaluating our service.

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